Try the truly Korean cultural experience at Lexis Korea :)

We’ve had some great cultural activities at Lexis Korea in recent times…let’s take a look at what our students have been up to!

Very popular was our Kimchi Making class.  You can’t come to Korea and not learn about this staple food – for a start, it’s there on the table for just about every meal!


     P1030671 P1030672 P1030673 P1030674 P1030675  P1030677 P1030678 P1030679 P1030680 P1030681 P1030682   P1030667P1030685 P1030686 P1030690  P1030688 P1030689      P1030695  P1030698P1030697  P1030699 P1030700

Every kimchi expert has their own style, and it’s not easy to get it right first time, but we uncovered some real talent among our students!

Later, we also tried on traditional Korean clothing; Hanbok, and had a great time at the same place.

P1030701  P1030703   P1030706 P1030707 P1030708 P1030709 P1030710 P1030711  P1030713 P1030714 P1030715   P1030718  P1030720  P1030722

It’s great to get out of the classroom from time to time and build some cultural context to language learning.  Besides, you can never have enough kimchi!


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