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Lexis Swiss ! :-)

I (Sunny) went on a 10-day business trip to Swiss. Swiss was beautiful. Food was great and people were welcoming. I met up with Linda and Narae in Zurich last Sunday. They studied in Lexis Korea for 4 weeks this Summer. They had a blast in Seoul and studied hard. They were two chums who levied to sing and dance. They showed me around the city since it was my first visit to Switzerland and they became my tour guide for the day. Thanks to them I could try their local cuisine and see all the hidden gems of the city. I cannot ever thank them enough for all the wonderful memories. The best thing about working at Lexis is that we (and I) can be friend people from all over there world and that we can connect without having to say a word to each other. all our students are passionate and open-minded and I truly appreciate every single one of them(and their love for Korea). I’d like to thank Linda and Narae again. Uf Widerleuge lovelies. Tschus!

「レクシスコリアの友達たち 〜スイスで出会う〜」



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