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The time flies so fast!!!


Ms. Bondi, Giulia [Italy]

The time I spent here was really comfortable and funny.

Everyone was so kind to me and was always here when I needed help. I’m really thankful to all of you.

The lesson were really helpful and it will be useful in my university.

I’m really glad that I came here. I made previous memories that I’m never going to forget.

I would like to come again if I have the possibility.

While staying here the time flew and now it’s already time for me to go back home. I’m a little bit sad, but everything was funny and I don’t have regrets.

Thank you so much!

사랑해요! 정말 감사합니다!^-^ 렉시스 코리아 화이팅!

선생님들 만세!!! Chloe 감사합니다!!!!!!!!!!!

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