We’ve enjoyed the traditional things this month!

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Our students made traditional Korean masks.

While creating these masks students also had the opportunity to practice using their Korean language skills with users of all different levels.

All at the time as learning about Koreans artistic cultured heritage. Check out these photos of the students’ creations!

KakaoTalk_20140904_131011002 KakaoTalk_20140904_131033124 KakaoTalk_20140904_131113561 KakaoTalk_20140904_131118790 KakaoTalk_20140904_131120017KakaoTalk_20140904_131032637

We also had a competition of folk game which called ‘Jegichagi’.

Jegi is made of coins wrapped up in paper.

In Jegichagi, players hit try to a small object called jegi with their feet.

The winner is Mr.Makoto, Tsukaoto who got the prize!

Don’t miss the chance to get the prize 😉

Hope you can participate our next activity!

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