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Second Lexis Meet-up!

Exchanging Korean and English with students from Lexis Korea!









Yesterday, students from Lexis Korea gathered up at Angel-in-us cafe nearby. An amazing 65 students participated during the event, giving everyone a chance to take their language skills out for a spin! Students were able to try out their Korean and English that they learned during the class and learn more things about Korean and foreign culture.

The event was held for 2 hours and everyone was able to make new friends while learning a little more about their classmates and making some great new friends.

The do a decent cup of coffee there, too, by the way!

The next Lexis meet-up will be held in two weeks time and I hope to see you there!  The Lexis meet-up is open to the public, by the way, so please feel free to invite your friends along to join in.

You can keep up to date on the next event through out Facebook page here – https://www.facebook.com/lexismeetup?fref=ts

昨日、定期的に開催される人気のイベント、Lexis meet-up(ミートアップ)が開催され、65人の生徒が参加をしました。
Lexis meet-upはLexisの生徒はもちろん、外部からも、国際交流や、英語、韓国語に興味のある人たちの参加が可能です。

Lexis meet-upは2時間という時間の中で、新しい友達を作ったり、クラスメイトのことをさらによく知るきっかけにもなり、世界中から来ている留学生、またローカルの韓国人と交流を図るのに最適な場です。



次のLexis meet-upは2週間後です!

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