The Red Devils – a global phenomenon.


The Red Devils is the official fan club of South Korea’s national soccer team. It is a non-profit organization made up of citizens who simply love soccer and have an interest in cheering for the national team.
South Korea’s soccer team traditionally plays in red and white uniforms, and their fans often fill the stadium wearing the team colors. During the 2002 World Cup, however, millions of Koreans wearing red T-shirts came out of their homes to cheer collectively on the streets for the national soccer team.
A cumulative 22 million people came out on to the streets of Seoul and other major cities in South Korea’s seven World Cup matches. More than 2,000 large screens were set up at approximately 1,800 locations during the competition. The worldwide media were taken by surprise at the passion with which the South Korean public cheered. The world was watching the red wave of an orderly gathering of people in amazement. They demonstrated a unique culture in their support of the national team. At the same time, they created a phenomenon of street cheering led by the so-called Red Devils.
During the World Cup, not only soccer fanatics but the whole country gets excited in a red frenzy to cheer for their team and country. You will see red everywhere while everyone including celebrities and k-pop star will participate in campaigns and commercials to cheer on the national team.
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