Meet our Korean teachers! (Seong Ah sunsengnim)



Tell us a little about yourself

Annyeonghaseyo. My name is Yu Seong Ah. I hope we have an enjoyable time learning Korean!

My students probably don’t know that I….
I like Korean language but I like games too!

What motivated you to start teaching Korean?
Initially, I wanted to become a teacher in a secondary school. However, I thought it would be more interesting to teach foreigners. With the rising interest in Korea among foreigners, I thought this would be a great opportunity to show the world about us.

What is the best thing about teaching at Lexis Korea?

Teaching in Lexis has been a great experience due it being fun and comfortable working/leaning environment. I enjoy everyone’s company at school.

If you could teach Korean anywhere in the world, where would you teach and why?
There is no specific country that I want to go to. I am happy with whichever as long as it is a place which possesses strong interest towards Korean culture.

What is the funniest/strangest thing a student has asked you?

I was taken by surprise when my student wanted to learn about Korean slang and dialect.

A final word of advice for new Korean learners?

When you learn Korean, many times you will encounter difficulties. However, if you continue to endure and work harder, there is no other language as interesting as Korean. Let us work hard in studying Korean!

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