Meet our Korean teachers! (Shi Nae sunsengnim)



Tell us a little about yourself

Annyeonghaseyo. I am the Intermediate Korean Class teacher, Hong Shi Nae. I like learning new things, travelling and photography. I am interested in meeting new people from various cultural backgrounds as well as trying different foods from different countries. Even though I enjoy watching movies, I don’t like watching TV, so I might not be familiar with actresses/actors who appear in recent dramas….

What motivated you to start teaching Korean?
Initially, I wanted to readdress the misconceptions about Korea among foreigners and to teach our language to those who have an interest in Korean culture. Also, I started as a teacher in hopes to show the world the beauty of our language and culture.

What is the best thing about teaching at Lexis Korea?
The best thing about teaching in Lexis is to be able to meet people of different nationalities. My colleagues are also considerate, thoughtful and interesting people. Most of all, I am happy to have taught and met my students.

If you could teach Korean anywhere in the world, where would you teach and why?
Wherever it is I am pleased to teach anyone who has a genuine interest in Korea as I have always loved travelling, meeting new people and experiencing new cultures. I wish to teach in a place I have yet to go or somewhere where Korean culture is not well known.

What is the funniest/strangest thing a student has asked you?
I have had a student who wished to learn about the dialect used by his/her favourite celebrity. Korean dialects are although interesting, can be tough to grasp due to it’s variety.

A final word of advice for new Korean learners?
Korean language can be one that increases very much in difficulty as you learn but can also be one that is full of charm. For those who are learning, it is better to personally immerse in out culture while learning than to try and study alone. This is because the Korean language is full of expressions originating from the history of out culture. For those who have interest in Korean movies, dramas or language, I would like to welcome you to this enjoyable experience and journey.

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