Meet Hampus!


Hampus has been studying at Lexis Korea for 4 months and will be returning to Sweden next week so we asked him about his time studying at Lexis Korea and living in Seoul!

What made you come to Seoul and study Korean?

I’m half Korean and living in Sweden. Although my mum is Korean I’ve never been able to speak it and since I have Korean heritage I decided to come to Seoul to learn the language and experience the culture.

What did you know about South Korea before you came?

I knew it was a busy country with a lot of hard working people. I knew that the food was delicious. What I didn’t know was how openly friendly and helpful a lot of the people in South Korea are.

Tell us about your time studying at Lexis Korea and living in Seoul.

I’ve been here for almost 4 months now and my time here has been great. At Lexis, because it’s a very warm feeling being here and I’ve learned a lot. In Seoul, because it’s such a cool place.

What has been the highlight of your time in Seoul?

Walking in the mountains, meeting new people and seeing traditional Korean villages.

Has anything surprised you?

I guess how easy it is for strangers to start up a conversation with you and how open the people are here.

What will you take back home from this experience?

Hopefully some Korean and a bigger understanding of Korean culture.

Any advice for students who want to study Korean in Seoul?

Be friendly to everyone and everyone will be friendly to you, take it easy on the soju, visit a lot of places, experience the food, go to Busan if you’re here during the Summer, eat your kimchi and make Korean friends!

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