Meet Richard!

Richard is from Sweden and joined the Korean class at Lexis Korea a few months ago along with his brother. It is his first time in Seoul and learning Korean and here’s what he thinks of his experience so far.


What made you come to Seoul and study Korean?

K-pop made me interested to learn Korean so I can understand the music.

Did you know anything about South Korea before you came?

Honestly I didn’t pay much attention until I discovered K-pop on the internet.

How is living in Seoul and studying at Lexis Korea so far?

So far it has been amazing! The school is so fresh and so many nice people at Lexis. The staff are also amazing, they’re so nice to talk to. If there’s anything you need help with they will gladly help you out!

What’s the best thing about being in Seoul?

I’ve visited Hongdae, Myeongdong, Gangnam, Nowan. When you visit any part of Seoul, there’s always something to do. They have everything! You can get around the city so easily thanks to the subway. The Korean people are very nice to talk with and it’s so easy to make friends here. They have shown us some Korean restaurants here. I love kimchi!!

What has surprised you?

The restaurants have been very different compared to my home country (Sweden). You can sit on the floor around a boiling pot on the table while eating with chopsticks.

What will you take back home from this experience?

Like most Asian countries, Korea has a huge sense of respect. I’m a loyal person but Korea has shown me another point of view to respect the elders! 🙂

Any advice for students who want to study at Lexis Korea?

Some pre-study doesn’t hurt, especially when it comes to pronunciation and reading Hangul (the Korean alphabet).

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