Meet Claire!


Claire comes from the USA and teaches SAT preparation while studying in the pre-intermediate class at Lexis Korea.

She’s extremely friendly, happy and smiley and she usually drops by reception to chat with the staff 🙂

What made you decide to come and study Korean in Seoul?

I work in Korea.

What did you know about South Korea before you came? (What was your image of South Korea before you came)

Modern, flourishing culture, lots of boys in makeup.

Can you tell us about your time so far at Lexis Korea and Seoul?

What has been the highlight of your time in Seoul so far?

파전(pajeon), drinking, clubs, Hongdae.

Korean friends are awesome.

Have you experienced any culture shock? (What is something ‘’Korean’’ that has surprised you)

The amount of different foods you can have delivered is amazing.

What will you take back home from this experience with you?

Korean language skills!

Any advice for students who want to study Korean in Seoul?

Learn as much as you can about Korean culture and language before you come. Learn the Korean alphabet before coming!


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