Gangnam tour and classroom activities.

Winter seems to have finally come to an end here in Seoul and warm Spring weather has arrived! With so many things to do and places to see here in Seoul, Spring is the perfect time to enjoy Seoul.

As part of orientation for our new students, we take them on a tour of Gangnam so they are familiar with the area surrounding Lexis Korea. Here are our new students for this week venturing out into the hustle and bustle of Gangnam!


In the classroom, the Korean class learnt how to play 윷놀이 (Yutnori), a traditional Korean board game which is over 2000 years old and usually played on New Years Day. Yut-nori is played with four sticks called yut, four tokens called yut-mal, and a board called a yut-pan. Each side of a yut represents the sky and earth,which signifies that in throwing them, man can be in control of nature.Twenty-nine circles that are drawn on the yut-pan represent the stars.The movement of yut-mal expresses the rotation of the stars.


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