Lexis Activity

Interaction between Korean students and International students

At Lexis Korea we have local Korean students studying for IELTS (many who have lived or want to live abroad) and we have international students from all over the world who are studying Korean. To maximize this rare advantage, we try to create as many opportunities for both students to interact and use what hey have learnt in a comfortable environment.

We have a student lounge which is available to all students complete with a small kitchen, microwave, water filter and electric kettles. We always see many Korean and International students here talking to each other. Below are some Korean students teaching the International students some Korean games.


Every Tuesday and Thursday we organize language exchange where we provide topics for students to talk about in Korean and English. Although we provide topics to break the ice, students are free to talk about whatever they want. It is not a class but more of an opportunity for students to meet each other and practice what they have learnt.

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageAlthough the Korean students and International students do not have any classes together, they have many opportunities to meet and talk to each other. Everyone is very friendly and keen to talk to people from every country so they become friends very quickly. We often see Korean and International students hanging out after their classes.


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