Lexis Korea student’s on Korean TV program Tvn 수상한 동창회 투게더 – 한옥알리미 (Together)!

A few months ago some students from the Korean Class at Lexis Korea were asked to participate in a television program, Tvn 수상한 동창회 투게더 – 한옥알리미 (Together).

The program focused on introducing foreigners to Korean culture, food, history and people; namely “Hanoks” (traditional Korean houses).


The students, along with a group from all over the world were taken out for the whole day to eat traditional Korean food, visit and experience a traditional Korean village and harvest dance competition and visit a reformed Hanok which is now a cafe/bar and watch traditional Korean performances.

The students had a great time and the program aired this week on tvn.


We are very happy and proud that the students had a wonderful time and were able to not only experience Korean traditions and culture but represent their country and International students on local television!

Below are the links to the broadcast:


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