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Lexis featured in The Beetle Map magazine! レクシスコリアが月刊The Beetle Mapで紹介されました!

Lexis Korea was featured in the October 2013 edition of The Beetle Map magazine! (P53) Read the article below.


Lexis Korea for short-term courses
短期間で学べる「Lexis Korea」

“If you want to learn Hangeul during your stay in Korea, you should go to Lexis Korea. It is a private language institute located near exit 5 of Gangnam Station and a branch of a famous Australian language school Lexis English. The institute offers a week-long Korean course for short-term visitors. They teach not only Korean grammar and vocabulary but also conversational Korean for different situations that can happen during travel like taking a taxi, ordering at a restaurant, and doing shopping. The classes are conducted in Korean. Native Chinese, English and Japanese speakers are positioned at the reception to assist foreigners wanting to study Korean. The also offer extracurricular activities every Friday afternoon such as visiting Seoul’s major attractions like the old palaces and Insa-Dong.”

「短い滞在期間でも韓国語を学んでみたい人なら『Lexis Korea』がいおすすめ。江南駅5番出口そばにあり、オーストラリアの有名ランゲージスクール『Lexis Korea』の江南支店でもあり、ここで韓国語のレッスンが受けられる。『Lexis Korea』は、短期滞在者のために1週間の韓国語コースも設けている。文法と語彙だけでなく、空港、タクシー乗車、レストラン、ショッピングなど、旅に必要なシチュエーション別の韓国語を指導する。授業は韓国語で行われ、レセプションには日本語・中国語・英語のネイティブが常駐してうる。金曜日の午後には、古宮や仁寺洞などソウルの主要観光スポットを巡るアクティビティの時間もある。」

*Lexis Korea offers both short term and long term courses.

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