Students from all over the world!

Annyeonghaseyo~! (안녕하세요~!)

Yesterday was a public holiday in Seoul and both the Korean Class and IELTS class students are back from their day off and studying hard!

It’s great to see the Korean Class growing everyday and especially seeing the diversity of nationalities. At present we have students from Australia, Taiwan, United States, Paraguay, Canada, Switzerland, Spain, Thailand and China!

Not only is this is a great opportunity for people from all over the world to experience and learn about Korea, but a great environment for our IELTS students who are studying English to not only practice what they have learnt but to make international friends which can be difficult in Korea.

Studying a new language can be daunting but with fun people around to help and motivate you, learning a language will be a great experience and asset to communicate with anyone in the world!

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