Free iPhone Apps to download before you go

Are you coming to join us at Lexis Korea?  Download these apps before you get on the plane!


iTour Seoul – Probably the most comprehensive of the tourist apps…all the Seoul basics at your finger tips!  Download

Jiachul – This is on just about everyone’s phone.  A freakishly good subway guide, showing connections, times and just about anything else you could imagine.  Even works after a big Saturday night on the soju.  Download

Visit Korea – From the official tourism organisation, this is a really useful app for the basics.  If nothing else, you can have every subway map in the country tucked away in your pocket. Download

Seoul Bus II – Transport in Seoul is very, very simple when you get used to it…but the buses take some getting used to!  This app simplifies the whole process.  Download

Korean Cuisine by KBS – A great guide to what you’re about to put in your mouth!  A must-have for nervous eaters!  Download

K-Pop Stars – All the latest news from all the latest K-Pop stars.  Lots of information for the die-hard fan, and a great way to skim if you need to bluff your way through a date conversation!  Download

Seoul Toilet Locations – When you need this app, you really, really need this app.  Download

Silla History Tour – Get your culture on!  An amazingly comprehensive guide to the temples, pavilions and palaces of Seoul.  Download

Megabox – Check out the latest movie screenings and book the best seat in the house.  Download

There are many, many more out there…let’s us know if you find a keeper!

Hint:  Even if you haven’t arranged a local provider yet, there’s free WiFi just about everywhere in Seoul – just search on your phone

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